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Elijah, Elisha & The Spirit of God 1 Kings


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Stop looking for me to lead you
Follow Jesus and all He commanded you to do
Stop looking for my approval & applaud
Show thyself approved unto God
Stop blaming me for your lack of being a doer of the Word
Into your sheath put away your prideful, defending Sword
You can run but you can’t hide, acting all high and mighty
God has eyes, You He does see
Your mind is ate up with negativity and doubt
Your demanding, threatening ways will find you without
Your twisting words can’t save you now
Before The Lord, every tongue will confess and every knee will bow
Your excuses are empty, your lies have no substance
Get thee hence
Before My King do I fall to my face
And pray He forgives you with His saving grace
Seek Him now, while He can be found
His mercy has an expiration date, His wrath will send you to the underground
You’ll cry for mercy and there will be none left
You have been warned better receive His gift
Go buy your own oil, less there not be enough for the both of us
You better hurry or you’ll miss Jesus
He is the ark Noah built, He is God’s covenant, the rainbow seen in the sky
You better repent, cry cry cry
Because if you deny Him, He will deny you
Finding yourself in an eternity of weeping & gnashing of teeth too
You think God’s not fair now, and you don’t deserve this
You know not love and haven’t met His justice
His judgement is coming, will you be found guiltless?
Jesus Christ is the truth, the life and the way
Only by repentance and humility to obey
Will you be forgiven to see another day
If you do not turn from your ways, you will end up in Fire and Brimstone
God created you, You are not your own

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