Joshua Wilson

The times are showing themselves more and More each day, It’s no time to be caught up in Foolishness or the nonsensical things of this World, it’s time to get Right! The day of Jesus Christ is coming upon us so close, that we need to be READY at any spare moment when the Trumpet will sound. All of These Earthquakes in divers places, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Bible Prophecy is unraveling itself, and it is NO LIE, but the divine TRUTH! that it’s all indeed coming together, like a Woman in Travail with Birth Pangs, Coming together inch by inch. We must not slack, we must not say “Oh, I have time” for the Hour will come on you unawares like a Thief, but be Awaken in the Spirit, Watch therefore, be sober and Vigilant, for Behold he shall come quickly to gather his Elect!

Pick up your Cross, make sure you got it right with God, Because I tell you, Time is running out, God is Angry at the Wickedness of the World, and how Men are trying to elevate themselves on a Throne higher than his, Having a spirit of Lucifer, wanting to be the “Most high Almighty” but the devil is a liar! There is no Other name higher than the name of Jesus Christ! He’s the solid Rock of our Salvation that cannot be moved, he was here long before us, and he and his Words will be here After. Don’t let this Generation pass us by where we are in a Uncertain spot, wondering if we’re Truly saved, but Repent!

Ask the Lord to search your heart, take out what shouldn’t be, and make all things new in you, for he will create in you a clean heart, and you shall have Everlasting life, which is the Greatest gift any Man can ever Receive. Be ye Holy, Be Ye Ready, The Bridegroom is coming to get his Bride, Will you be happy to see him, or will you try to Run? Get it Right with Jesus, he’s waiting on you, for the Door to salvation is closing, and the hourglass is almost empty. 


There is no Other name higher than the name of Jesus Christ!”

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