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Jonelle Maxwell

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on whether or not you are living the abundant life? When we think of abundance our minds immediately imagine the quantity of things instead of quality with God of making a lasting impact on all those we come into contact with.

All through life I always had big dreams. I remember one summer morning I visualized giving young people scholarships for college. This was before I completely surrendered my life to the Lord. Years later, through being a youth leader for 10 years at my home church, I was given the opportunity to present multiple scholarships to high school graduating students. This was such a blessing!

After accepting the Lord, my drive was and continue to be one to press beyond the status quo to position myself to help others.

The desire became even more intense in November of 2006 when my mom passed. I was angry. Not angry that she passed away, but because of the gifts and talents she was never able to use. However, I know my mom saw something extremely special in me that I did not discover until a little later in life.

My mom would cringe when people did not pronounce my name right. She would correct them by saying, “JONELLE, JO-NELLE IS HOW YOU PRONOUNCE IT!”

She would respond in this way because of what my name mean. It mean GOD IS GRACIOUS. Some think my name should have been Grace because of the favor upon my life. I was always accused of being spoiled and always getting my way. Well, for the most part, I did and still do. (giggle, giggle)

My mom did not stop there but my first, middle, and last name all have seven letters which is the number of fulfillment, fulness, perfection, and completion.

It look like I have been walking out prophecy my entire life.

I remember hearing the late Dr. Myles Monroe speak about the grave sites being the most wealthiest place on earth. He made this statement due to many dying without living out their full potiential. There are books in the grave that was never written. There are songs that was never sung. There are mantles that was never released. There are businesses that was never ventured into. Also, there are inventions that was never invented.

This was one of the most sad but encouraging messages I have ever heard. It is a hard reality. A reality that I never want to live.

After the passing of my mom, I made a personal declaration that I will live a poured out life. I will not leave the earth without tapping into all God put in me. I believe this is how I have always been able to overcome many difficult situations that more likely would have taken the average person completely out.

I purpose to live my life in such a fashion that intentionally impact those I come into contact with the message of Jesus Christ.

I share this testimony to challenge you to think above where you are right now. Reflect on your life. Everything may not have always been the best of days but take all you have experienced and make an impact. Don’t die without giving birth to that book, those songs, that invention, or that business venture.

Strive to go above and beyond. Even if nobody agrees or see what you see. It is your decision not theirs. Just always know you are here to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Don’t spend another day living beneath your full potiential which is the abundant life Jesus died to give you.


The thief cometh not but to steal, kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10 KJV

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