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A Moving Witness/Testimony

God is Good!!! LET’S GO!!! PREACH!!! ✝️💪🔥🔥🔥


Donna Randells

I pray this helps someone. I don’t like putting my business on the book but if I can help someone through it, I will….

When my husband walked away, I was very angry, very hurt, I became bitter and could not stand my ex. I felt justified in my feelings. Yes he hurt me. Yes he wronged me. I didn’t just tell him go to hell but I told him on numerous occasions go straight there with no detours, not realizing I was on my way there myself. A mad black woman! Yeah me Pastor. One day my apostle, Apostle Bishop Dr. Sheldon Hudson, who wasn’t preaching that day had something to say, which oftentimes makes me nervous because I know she hears from God. She spoke you need to get it right with those you have ought against and she went in. You had to be there. I almost called him while sitting in church, while she was talking. I got home and I got it right! I contacted him. I apologized, not for him but for me. I don’t want to go to hell. Not to get back together but to leave in peace…..

Testimony today……
Since that time, which hadn’t been that long ago, my life has changed tremendously. God has been blessing me beyond measure. Doors have been opening, blessings have been coming and things I tried so hard to happen, they are now falling into place. Not that I wasn’t be blessed before, but I was too focused on the pain to recognize the blessing. I can’t say what these blessings are, but just know, God is doing a new thing in my life. I am released. I am delivered from that anger and I am free.

Don’t let that hate stop your life, because it will. Don’t allow it to destroy you. Change your words and change your mind. All things happen for a reason, focus not on the why but ask God what’s next, and move forward knowing God has you, better is right around the corner if you release and don’t hold on to it. I promise you better is coming. The best is yet to come.

Be blessed and prosper.

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