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Joshua Wilson

Now, this just looks like people boarding a Train right? No…because what if I told you, this is exactly how it’s going to be when Jesus Christ returns? Those who are saved, those who are Holy and washed in his Blood, Will have punched their Eternal ticket to Heaven, you see, God has warned the World, and those who have accepted him, heard the call to come to Repentance, heard the “ALL ABOARD” Call to the Faith, They were OBEDIENT and came to him, so they boarded, and The Train has been sitting on the Track for 2000 years since Jesus Christ first pulled the Grace Express into the Station of Love after he died and rose again for our sins, and this Train isn’t making any stops but one, and that is the city of Glory, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Millions have punched their tickets, Many have gotten on, then they got off because they didn’t want to pay the price of the Ticket, which is living Holy, and Jesus the Conductor, has sent his servants out into the Station to tell everyone why they should take this Train, Many came, others didn’t, and He continued to sound the Alarm, “ALL ABOARD!” People walked by and looked, then they took the “Other” train on the other side, they complained the Train to Heaven was “Narrow” but the train to Hell was “Wide” and spacious, they had room to relax.

But I come today as a Ezekiel 33:9 Watchmen, to tell those who don’t know Jesus Christ, The Train is about to pull off! He’s looking to the East, he’s looking to the west, North and south, looking for People who is going to Hearken after his Voice, and come Aboard, Don’t let this Train depart without you being on it, Because there is no next one, THIS IS IT, Jesus Christ is coming back for His Children, and if you don’t have your ticket, if you are not on the Train, if you are not in the Faith, He shall pull off, he shall take what is his, and you will be left behind. There still is time before Jesus closes that Door for the last time, like how we take the Train, and the door is about to close, the Conductor looks, and we make it in, Jesus is looking who wants to Come unto him?? Who is running down to Jump on the train?? It’s time..come to Him, Before it’s too late. 


Train isn’t making any stops but one, and that is the city of Glory, the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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