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Jonelle Maxwell

In this season, we are hearing many voices. Voices of blessings, voices of this is how you do ministry, voices of 5 fold foundational teachings, voices of new movements, voices of fear, some voices of warning. Although, these things can be fine in it’s proper timing and context, however, do we really know what God is saying? Do we have strategy from the secret place in what to do in the days ahead?

Even though I have shared in this vein before, I still discern the need to write on this again.

In my earlier years of walking with the Lord, I could not understand why the Lord would lead me a certain way. Sometimes, I felt disheartening because I was mostly led into situations that I had to give up all to be available to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. Most situations was emergency, 911, get there quickly kind of situations.

I kept hearing the Lord telling me, “It Is Well.” It wasn’t until about 4 years ago when things started to become clear and more so recently. Understand, all ministries and assignments are not the same. God uses us all different because we are greatly unique in special ways and giftings. Therefore, we must embrace who God made us and how He made us…In His Image.

In saying all of this, we must learn to embrace one another uniqueness and giftedness in the days ahead if we are going to be effective to combat what is to come. We must seek the Holy Spirit and allow Him to bring us together as a Body to assist one another. The scripture teaches us that we are the Body…fittly joined together. This is that Kingdom is not a one man show. In fact, it is not a show at all.

God is the one that receives all the glory for what He does and especially in how He will use the Ecclesia in the days ahead. I believe God is preparing His remnant. Those that will be faithful to the end, even to death. Those that will carry out His orders to the T.

This is the hour to seek the Lord and work while it is day because night is surely upon us. But my question…Are we ready? Are we ready with strategy because we have been in the secret place with the Father? Are we prepared for what comes what may? Do we understand our assignments? Or, are we only accustomed to hearing God is going to bless you messages, when it fact, we are already blessed. These are the things we must consider. These are the things we must ask ourselves and the Holy Spirit. We must ask the Holy Spirit to posture us correctly and align us first with Him then those He is leading us to team with.

So, let’s ponder on these things and petition the Holy Spirit in all things. Now is the time. The time is far spent. Let’s get into position and let’s get their quickly.

  • Ephesians 5:15-17
  • Isaiah 55:6
  • Proverbs 3:5;6
  • Matthew 6:33
  • John 9:4

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