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Bad Things Prevent Worse Things


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

This is a “share your testimony” challenge from our well respected Brother Bush! Let’s Roll!

It was the year of 1987, a friend and I skipped school. Skipping school to us meant walking. Free as a bird, we ventured on foot up the not so busy highway.

A man pulls over to the side of the road and asked if we needed anything. My brave and outspoken friend said, “Yes, can we ride with you?”

He asked where we were headed and she answered, “Where ever you’re going.”

We rode from Delaware up to New Jersey where he was delivering fresh seafood to restaurants. After his deliveries, he heads back South. He stopped where he picked us up and told us our ride ended here and that’s all the fun we were having that day. And, as children, we pouted in disappointment.

Back on foot walking, my friend said, “That was so cool! Let’s go to California!” I laughed and said, “Serious?” Ready to take on the world, she responded, “Yes!” I hesitated a minute, but answered her, “Why not!”

We continued walking Southbound and many people stopped to give us a ride. Venturing down Interstate 95 all the way to Interstate 10 Westbound.

This was amazing to us at the time being just 15 years old getting to explore, meet an array of people and sightsee cross-country.

We get to Texas and in an old beat up pick-up truck, a man said, “Hop in! Are you hungry? I’ll take you to my place and fix you something to eat.”

My friend looked at me, grabbing me by the hand saying, “Come on! I’m hungry!”

We get in his truck and he takes us where he said. He showed us a room that her and I could sleep in that night. It was getting dark and the man said, “You don’t want to be out there at night in Houston.”

I laid down and before he came to call us to eat, I had been struck by a high fever. It was so high, I literally was burning up to the point I could not move.

The man comes to the room to tell us come eat. My friend proceeds out of the room with him. She told the man I was really sick as she went to eat.

They come back to the room as the man tells me, “Okay, now it’s your turn, come with me.”

I could not move as my friend pulls him out of the room pleading with him, “I will take her turn too, she is very sick, look she can’t move.” The man agreed as they left again.

All I remember is waking up and leaving that place in the wee hours before he woke up. We ended up making it to New Mexico at one of her relative’s houses on top of a mountain in Alamogordo.

Yahuah spared me from something worse happening to me by striking me with a very high fever. I know what happened to mine friend, even though we never spoke of it. She laid her life down for me literally.

Even though we were rebellious, disobedient teenagers at the time, I saw the mighty hand of Yahuah move on my behalf and my momma’s prayers for me.

If you get anything out of this testimony I hope that it would be:

If something bad happens to you, look at it as Yahuah preventing something even far more worse happening to you. Truly, a protection. Praise Yahuah in the suffering.

And, if someone you know is being disobedient, Yahuah hears you standing in the gap, praying for them and will answer your prayer of protection for them.

Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

And, if someone you know is being disobedient, Yahuah hears you standing in the gap, praying for them and will answer your prayer of protection for them.”

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