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Be fully committed to Christ!


Abel Hernandez

We are to be fully committed to Christ. In all we do, let’s glorify Him. Let’s avoid being lukewarm Christians and only say we’re Christian. Let’s talk, show, and share our faith. Lets love, and disciple others in all aspects of our walk.

Our faith doesn’t mean that won’t struggle against sin. Genuine conversion will require some change in us. We’ll notice the battles we face more often as soon as the conversion begins.

Quick little analogy… When I was serving in the Army, I was a soldier no matter what. If the uniform was on, the world could see who I was, who I was a part of, and knew what my mission was. If my uniform came off, I didn’t stop being a soldier. I still carried myself and acted with utmost professionalism possible. The change was internal. The conversion from civilian to soldier was deeper than clothing.

Surrendering to Christ isn’t a part time event. It’s a life commitment with no going back. Stay encouraged and stand strong in your faith. When the road seems hard… pray for His will to be done.

May He guide us and bless us according to His will. May He show us more and more how to be better everyday. May we grow and become more like Him daily. May we avoid being lukewarm Christians.

Revelation 3:15-16
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