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Big Girl Boots


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

God said put your big girl boots on you got some stomping to do

You are going to grow weak but I’m gonna bring you though

God said kill em with kindness smile through your clinched teeth

Tear down strongholds bring down the beast

But, with your husband put your sword in your sheath

God said I made you special and give you the privilege to stay at home and love your man

To be on the look out protecting his castle Making those devils so scared they ran and ran

God said but don’t let your lamp go out at night

Truly that’s when he is sleeping and they love to taunt and fight

God said but I gave you the ability to see them in the pitch black

Keep stomping those demons cause they will bring more back

God said you are worthy of your work my precious jewel

Stay hidden at home there’s much work there for you

God said your enemy knows if he can get in your door

He can destroy so much much more

God said I have great faith you won’t let me down

The desire for your husband I put in your heart to bring him glory to crown

God said so don’t you ever think because you stay at home, you serve no purpose

I created you to guard his castle for such a time as this!

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