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Brick by Brick

Scattered Pieces Of One’s Life

Joshua Wilson

God laid this on my Heart to speak this Word today, because it’s a symbolism of more than just Bricks, these are the scattered Pieces of someone’s life who either is not saved, or someone who once was saved, and the Bricks were formed together, and now they strayed away, that brick house with the strong foundation that once was held together by the Spiritual cement, which is Jesus Christ, the devil has demolished. I come to be a A messenger today with the Gospel and the Good News, That You Can put the Broken pieces together! Some people out there are Depressed, lost, Confused, angry, bitter, Sad, Suicidal, thinking that there is nothing good about their life, feels nobody loves them, the devil has convinced them that God will bless everyone else but THEM, they have lost all hope, feeling lonely like they don’t even exist.

But I want to tell those who feel like this today, The devil is a LIAR! The Bible says he is the Father of lies! Come to Jesus Christ today! He loves YOU, he cares about YOU, he will take every piece, every scattered brick of your life, and with his Grace, Love, and Mercy, he will put you together piece by piece, He will build you up as the Master builder he is, to be a Mighty Man, Mighty Woman of God. Like The Bible says in Matthew 7:24-27 about the Wise and the Foolish Builder, one wanted to build his house on sand, so the flood came, and washed it away, but the wise Man built his on A Rock, and it didn’t fall! You got to build your life on Jesus Christ!

Don’t be foolish, when the devil comes In with a storm, he will hit his hardest, but those who walk upright, those who trust in God, will be safe! Have a strong foundation to withstand the attacks of the devil, Give your life to the Lord, and he will take care of you, He will build you up, and when he is done, you will never be the same, you are a new creation, you are not a pile bricks no longer, but you have Jesus, which is the Foundation that holds every Man, every Woman together in perfect peace. THANKS be to God for being the Master Builder! For putting us together, and shining down on us his Amazing Grace.


The devil is a LIAR!

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