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Called To Change


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Walking in the truth is not all comfort
There’s pains and agony cries of hurt

There’s losses and there’s loneliness
Walking in God’s holiness

There’s attacks that wound and bring you down
There’s tribulation and sufferings all around

The struggle is real and the battle is hard
Greater is he who is inward

Outward, we’re a hot mess falling apart
Yet, we persevere by God’s Spirit in our heart

The cocoon must break for the butterfly to come out
There’s no way around it, pampered we are not

Not for the part timers, not for the faint
For the chosen, elect, anointed saint

You can’t fake a life with God
There’s no kicking back with your feet up and nod

There is no time wasted, sitting on the sideline
You’re armoured up and put on the frontline

There’s studying, praying, training too
Night and day, in the wee hours, all the way through

There’s wake up calls, cramming The Book
There’s heartaches of loved ones left and forsook

There’s afflicting the flesh in fasting, seeking God’s Spirit
Not a lot of room for play, listening to what God has to say

It’s hardcore, military style training
Crawling in the mud while it’s bitterly cold and raining

God uses fire, a Sword, chisel and a hammer
It’s not about pleasures nor dressed up glamour

You don’t just show up, don’t be fooled
A disciple must endure hardship and be schooled

It’s not all about singing and sitting in a church pew
God’s got some real changing to do in you

It’s not about happiness, gatherings and stuff
It’s work, much labour, sleepless nights, it’s tough

If your life is being cushioned, your not being changed
You’re being deceived and shortchanged

If things didn’t change there wouldn’t be butterflies
Change doesn’t come easy, purging out with groans and sighs

But, it’s needed to be made in God’s image
Take another look and make sure you’re not in a mirage

God, I pray you open our eyes
Deliver us all from the enemy’s lies

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