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Can’t Be Repaid


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

When we don’t get what we want
Lay it at the cross, humble servant
Give the other, what they need
Then watch God bless you more than you can receive
When we choose to give love on purpose
You show God is under the surface
Yeah, things get bad and even worse
But, we vowed until death do us part, to stay the course
Marriage isn’t all butterflies and roses though, I love them so much
Sometimes we are caterpillars in our cocoon and thorns prick when we touch
But, God created it all to teach us
Marriage won’t last without the blood of Jesus
To seek Him first and cry out to Him
Speak the Word, oil for our lamp that will never dim
Pray without ceasing, even in a heart’s groan
Love is the seed that should always be sown
When you can do something for someone who doesn’t deserve it
You give them favor that’s from God’s Spirit
Grace can never be repaid
Christlike is the head cornerstone that must be laid

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