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Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

She mourns and continues to weep
To be led by a man of truth as his help meet
She sees his every wrongful way
She stands in the gap for him night and day
She prays without ceasing for him to have remorse
She prays until he does God helps them stay the course
As he breaks every agreement they make
She continues to suffer for His namesake
Yet he is tossed to and fro and does his own thing on a whim
His defensiveness rises and blaming ways only delays them
He either slacks and leaves her to take the reigns
Or he runs ahead and does his own things
Never in agreement Never together
Unequally yoked one pulling the other
Unwilling to walk side by side as one
In agreement for God’s will to be done
And when she points it out and warns him
He blames her for his shortcoming
Instead of accepting
Responsibility for his own doing
Where are the men of integrity
To cover their wives to be holy
Where are the men who love their wives like Christ loves the Church
To give themselves up and put her needs first
Where are the men of accountability
A contrite heart in Christ in all honesty
Where are the men of a servant’s life
Led by the Spirit to guide their wife
Where are the men of courage
Who call on God for a protective hedge
Where are the men of bold Faith
Patient with his wife in what the Lord Saith
Where are the men who submit
To serve the Lord with his wife by the Holy Spirit
Where are the men of truth
To live with understanding with compassion to soothe
Where are the men of making peace
To pray with their wives to never cease
Where are the men that have fear of the Lord
To be a covenant keeper, a doer of the Word
Where are the men clothed in all humility
To be an example of God’s holy matrimony
I know you are somewhere
God promised you would be there
Come out, come out, where ever you are

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