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Joshua Wilson

Do you remember the day, when you was in darkness? caught up in the mess of your sins, thinking pleasure and satisfying your flesh was the only thing, but one day…Jesus shined his light down on you and you accepted him as Savior, and you found hope, Joy, Love that you never knew that was possible, because satan had made you believe, that Alcohol, drugs, sex was life’s pinnacle, that was a thrilling high, was only but for a moment..

As depression, suicidal thoughts crept in, and you did it more..and more thinking there was nothing more to life. But the Bible says in 1 Peter 2:9 “BUT YE ARE A CHOSEN GENERATION, A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PECULIAR PEOPLE; THAT YE SHOULD SHEW FORTH THE PRAISES OF HIM WHO HATH CALLED YOU OUT OF DARKNESS INTO HIS MARVELLOUS LIGHT”.
Saints, we got to Praise him, for bringing us out of the grip of the devils hand! We could be dead, long gone, lost in a devils hell burning for the wages of our sins, but it was Jesus Christ, who has not only called us, for not everyone who are called are chosen, but he CHOSE us!

He didn’t have to save us, he didn’t have to take our feet out of the Miry Clay, but one day..he came into our Heart, and made all things new! He renovated our spiritual house, he searched us, he took out everything that shouldn’t be there, and put in the Heart, the Character of the New Man, and when Jesus starts dwelling down on the inside, you can see him moving in your daily life on the outside. For such a time as this when sin is running to and fro, WE are the Chosen Generation to tell this dying World about Jesus, and how we were demonically confined by sin, but the way Jesus delivered us, he can do it for them too. NEVER forget when we witness to unbelievers, that we were once like THEM, that is why we had to go through what we went through, to be a Testimony to others who are lost, and tell them about Christ.

We were in the dark, we thought we knew it all, we thought we didn’t need “A God”.. but, we now see what the room looks like with the light on, and we never want to be caught up in darkness again. Be thankful, be a witness, and praise him! For if he doesn’t do anything else for me, he’s done Enough.

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