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Unless you are completely isolated from society and have no contact with the outside world, you are aware that corruption is running rampant within our nation. It is happening at the local, state, and federal levels of government but it’s also happening in nearly every other aspect of life. It’s not just a political issue but it’s an issue that impacts each and every one of us.

The list of corruption is one that can fill books—no, I did not misquote or misspeak, I literally meant books—and this is something that all of us should be aware of. In case you wonder why, it’s simple: first, it impacts what you do and how you live your life but also, scripture is clear that corruption is wrong. Yes, this is something that has always been a part of society but that does not mean that we have to be accepting to it. It’s almost as though we, as people, live with a broken spirit.

When I say we live with a broken spirit, I mean that we live accepting that certain things are the way they are and nothing can be done about it. This is not how we the people, as Americans and as Christians, are to live. Yes, there are certain things that we cannot change but there are too many others that we can. Christ makes it clear that when something is not right, we are to make it right and this includes political corruption as well as corruption in any other facet of life.

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace.”

—Ephesians 4:29

First, we should examine our very own lives as we are a reflection of our Lord. After all, we are made in His image—scripture tells us that we are made in their image—so we cannot mistake that we are made in greatness. No, this does not mean that we will ever be perfect but rather, we should strive to be better every day. The process of sanctification is real and is one that we must take seriously. Just as every Christian should take their marriage and/or relationship with their significant other seriously, we should continue our walk with Christ in the same manner and this includes getting rid of any corruption such as lying and/or cheating.

Remember, cheating does not always imply physical intimacy but rather, sneaking around the other’s back to do something with someone else. Once you start to hide and cover-up things, you’re already halfway (or all the way) there. This is important to point out because this is almost how we, as humans, have come to believe and accept but nowhere in God’s word are we told to run and hide from what we think we cannot change. Again, we are a reflection of Christ and we should do our best to get rid of the corruption in our personal lives then we can begin to change the things around us.

No, we will never be able to change the entire world, not alone, but we can start with the things around us. Our family, for instance, can be changed in different ways. As parents, we can begin to pay better attention to our children and help them grow in the way we desire to and the way God expects us to. Just like with the world, we will never be able to change everything completely as we are limited but we should change the things that we are able to and this, in return, helps change the world.

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

—Galatians 6:8

Getting our orders in line beginning with ourselves and our families is a must for any and every person looking to change the world and the corruption we are surrounded by but also, for anyone who wants to live a life for Christ. The external surroundings such as our neighbors and community members are out of our hands but we are able to tell them of the good news of Christ and help them see what God has to offer them. We are to go out into the world and spread the Gospel (Mark 16:15) and while we are not responsible for their salvation, we are to help them along the way. By doing so, we are planting a seed and while we can’t make it grow, we have to give the rest to God and this is how we get rid of the rest of corruption.

What we see on television and read in the newspaper or watch on the internet, in terms of the president and what is going on in Washington may exhaust us and I understand this. This is one rest why I have turned off my television from such coverage as what you hear contradicts from what you see. So many within the media are trying to get rid of a president that is uncovering and exposing corruption simply because many of them are involved and this is not a partisan statement, it’s actually been explained by high ranking offices and officials both within and outside of our country. However, because there are many who are going to be taken out, there is a real resistance taking place so it comes down to we the people.

This is very similar to the role that Pilate has in history. He stood in front of Christ and heard what He had to say. He listened to both sides of the argument and even read what his wife, Claudia, had to say and had a decision to make. In the fashion that most politicians play, he decided to play the role of a victim. That is, he made the decision to let Christ die for the crimes that crowd claimed He committed despite no evidence of any kind. Rather than allowing for an uprising of the crowd or offending Caesar and having him take action, Pilate claimed that there was no fault or crimes of Christ but he allowed for capital punishment to take place. In simpler terms, he allowed for vigilante justice to take place simply because he feared the outcome of what may happen if he did the right thing. Again, this is similar to what we see today.

Whatever we believe politically or financially, it should not be based on our emotional attachments to people or parties or money but rather, what scripture has to say. Much of what this worldly system does is against the teachings of scripture. As we learn throughout scripture, we cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24) which is what happens when we put anything over Christ. When we chase after money, we will do anything that we can to get the currency even if it is not of Christ and when we put a relationship or job or position over Christ, we will do anything we have to in order to further that relationship or position. Therefore, we have a decision to make, to serve Christ at whatever price or to serve the world and when we do the latter; we are falling into the hands of Satan and exposing ourselves to corruption.

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

—2 Peter 1:4

What do you think?

Written by Billy Ray Parrish


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