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Covenant Marriage Prayer


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy


In all humility I come to you to lift up all the wives whose husbands have not made the role of a God fearing husband priority in his life to lead, protect, build and comfort her with understanding she being the weaker vessel to sanctify her with peace and grace, patience overflowing to love her as Christ loves the church, to pray with and for her at all times especially when she is weak.

But, we know God wives too sanctify the husband yet, she is tired and was not created to lead her husband, she is not designed to be ruler and commander in war, she is designed to be a help meet and keeper at home, she is exhausted of going out to war and carrying the weight of both roles of husband and her own, she is worn out from all of the spiritual warfare battles day and night to cover and protect her husband and marriage. Have her cast her crown before you and lay all this down at the foot of the cross.

She doesn’t even get the opportunity to go outside of the camp to be cleansed and healed 7 days as your word says after every battle, this warfare is hand to hand combat, a face to face bloody, gorey battle.

God, I pray you strengthen every wife that seeks relief, peace to continue the next battle if she must.

But, I pray you rise up husbands to war and protect her as he has been called to be a warrior to fight these onslaught battles.

Thank you God, that You are her strength, her high tower and you will fight for her only that she be still.

God, heal her heart of all of the vile, out of his short temper or lack of care caught in every snare, damaging words he has ever spoken to her.

Free him from the enemy’s traps, nets and snares of temptations to be of the old man and not the new man you created him to be. Make all negativity and doubts be crushed and raise up your Holy Spirit and Fire to fill their hearts and bust open the floodgates of heaven to flood their homes with living water to be a living witness at home and in the public together to urge many others to seek your love, joy and peace.

Set ablaze all devices of division and destruction to try to put them asunder.

God, you hate divorce, you despise pride, abuse of authority and those stepping out of order to do things with out you.

I call upon your great army to retrieve these wives to bring healing to their hearts. I call upon your great holy ministering angels to teach husbands how to lead and love their wife the way you have ordained and not of their own ways. I call upon your holy spirit and fire to bring conviction and humility in every heart and covenant marriage to serve you in their home at home and where ever they go.

Shake him with fear and trembling to not make excuses nor place blame in the severity of the accountability of his calling and responsibility of being head of her to make his supplications known and intercede for her.

Bring every husband to his knees in remorse and repentance to serve you in servanthood of a covenant marriage, may he be so compelled he rushes home to wash her feet. And may she be full of forgiveness and humility to receive.

God, we need humbling, we need healing, we need order, we need submission and obedience to walk and live in your Spirit and will.

Forgive us our sins and trespasses, we need forgiveness to reign to be forgiven and to forgive, we need your grace to abound and love to endure.

God we can not do this without you, we seek you O God to search us and know us and see if there be any wicked way in us, change us O God in the faith and hope to be redeemed, a chosen people, a royal priesthood an holy nation to please you and bring you glory in your perfectly designed order of a covenant marriage, heal all wives, husbands and covenant marriages and let it start with ours in Jesus Holy Worthy Mighty Name let your Spirit Reign day and night, let it be so.

For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.”

–Ephesians 5:23

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