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Do the Right Thing


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Disappointments and setbacks go with the territory
But, they do not write your story
We must be stretched and grow
Humbled in patience, perseverance to go
God gave you a purpose and a dream
To renew your mind and make your heart clean
God has a plan that you don’t see
To follow him in hope with integrity
He is making you whole into righteousness
And it takes a long painful walk through the wilderness
Doubts will come, negativity will flood
Faith brings you through, covered in the blood
Battles to be fought, victory is won
In God’s only begotten Son
What has you feeling defeated this day
What opposition has you wanting to turn another way
That is the very thing that God promised you
To believe, with hope He will get you through
Work on yourself, courage over comfortability
Values being the pillars, without fear to uphold
A heart of integrity under pressure, that will not fold
God has not failed you in any degree
Lose not hope when you can’t see
We must go through adversity to break through
To show the world what God will do
It is hard, the battle of the mind to not doubt
Swing your sword of the spirit with a warrior shout
Speak affirmations in your mind
You are the rare treasure, for someone to find
You may be roughed up and taken some hits
But, you are still alive, created for such a time as this
It’s not over, it’s not too late, and it has only begun
Stand on the rock, immovable to not faint, nor run
God hasn’t forsaken you, don’t forsake him
Keep in his ways, with all of your heart trusting
God said, God will do, God doesn’t lie
Be good and faithful until the day you die
Nothing that God allows does He mean for your harm
But, to humble and believe, in Him you are strong
God is mighty, righteous and true
Obey His voice in all you do
Wearing the full armor, go before your giant
Be a warrior of truth, bold and resilient
Jesus Christ is your advocate; His Spirit is your trainer
Show yourself approved, don’t be a blamer
You have been set apart, being made a soldier of Christ Jesus
For the ultimate battle, following him on the white horse of justice

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