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Don’t Be Ignorant


Joshua Wilson

We must be careful what we allow ourselves to Entertain. The devil is coming in all types of packages, he is coming in your homes, and he seeking to DESTROY and break up Families who are In Christ. How he does it, is by what we Use as Entertainment, like TV, Television shows you watch, and what you allow your Kids to watch, Promoting Sin, Homosexual and a Fornication agenda, watching Cartoons that promote violence, even Scary movies that prey on death and trying to kill others. What you look at on your phones/Computers, this is a time where Texting, and Social media is running rampant, but the devil is using it as a instrument for destruction, The constant online bullying, and the gross amount of pornography, not to mention, people taking naked photos of themselves and spreading them for all to see, even many minors, this is something Satan wants to do, for his End game is for kids to committ suicide, people killing each other for “Meeting up” the person they met online, it is a path to destruction. Now, Video games, the promotion of games that use killing people, and blowing up others as their selling point, everyone thinks it’s”Fun” but the enemy enters into the minds of these people and says: “If this is fun, I bet it would even be better in real life, All those people you shoot on the game, makes you feel better, but how about shoot real people?” And just like that, this is how people go on shooting sprees, and get “Ideas” from these games. All the above, the devil Has swallowed people whole, he’s came into the minds of many and has DESTROYED them, because they were not wary of his devices, he Used Things right in their home to capture their minds and bound them in Chains, destroy their Family, take the lives of their children and even destroy marriages, as husband’s and even wives spent more time online watching porn, than they did being committed to their spouse. Its praying time, evil is packaged in ANY size, and on a daily basis, Satan is trying his hardest to get into your living room, your kids bedroom, to do damage and destroy the spirit of God in your home. Its time to OBEY God, for the spirit of disobedience, has destroyed many.

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