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Joshua Wilson

Dearly Beloved, The Bible says in Matthew 6:21 “WHEREVER YOUR TREASURE LIES, THERE WILL YOUR HEART BE ALSO”. So I ask the question, where does your treasure lie? In the world? The carnal things? we want this and That from God, we want to reap all of his benefits, but we don’t want to submit ourselves fully to him!

We hear, Know, and understand this Gospel, but there is a level of selfishness in the body of Christ, that we think our Lives are controlled by “Us” and not God Alone.

Sometimes we get caught up in the World and try to be like them, by heeding unto self Righteousness by proclaiming what “My views” are, “My Life” “My Way” etc. Here is a secret, God is closing doors in your Face, because he is giving you a open Rebuke to EXAMINE yourself!

You can’t only come to God on your terms by giving him Glory when you “Need something” or coming to him when trouble arises, but we are to give him Glory ALWAYS when you can see the light of day or when things get dark, we Must give him all the praise. I come to tell God’s people tonight, to distance themselves from the Counsel of the ungodly, every evil, wicked thing, and Acquaint yourself back to God.

STOP being distracted, caught up in mere FOOLISHNESS, He is calling you tonight, the devil has been drawing you away from him little by little, trying to reel you in with his satanic fishing net to destroy your soul, like when you catch a fish, instantly the Fish starts to die because they cannot survive if they are not in Water, same way with the Saints, the Spirit of God can’t survive in us if we are not covered under his Blood anymore, when you walk away from God, it’s like the Spirit dries up, because Water means Life, and when you are not saved, you are Spiritual dry, the Refreshment and Quenching of the Soul is not there.

If we want Good things to come unto us, we must be Obedient, and be at Peace with God, Examining ourselves, denying thyself, and not putting Him 2nd or 3rd and prioritizing our own interests, but Seeking ye FIRST the Kingdom of God, and ALL his righteousness shall be added unto us.

Come back Home, and Acquaint yourself to the Lord, the BEST is yet to come for those who Believe and Keep the Faith.

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