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Faint Not


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

We are boondocking and we were paying for a $40 campsite one day a week at a local koa to use the ammenities. It was an enjoyable day and stay each time, but now it’s getting crowded and the hours everyone is up and out kicking it, we need to be sleeping due to work schedule and now many less affordable sites for us to pay. Now being prime time camping season and college football fanatics in the area we are going to skip the campsite for the next couple of weeks before we pull out of this area.

So, been looking for cheaper places to empty our tanks, fill water and laundry. The Koa here will let non staying campers to use the dump station for $20.00. All the other campgrounds you have to stay on a site. The last campground I called said $65 a night. If I was drinking milk when she told me the price, I would of spit it out all over the place haha and the closest Flying J/Pilot which charges around $8.00 is 42 miles away. Seek, seek seek and ye shall find.

Sadlers Creek State Park
Public Dump Station $5.00 open 24-7

Hah! Never stop seeking, Never stop praying, Never stop believing even when you think you ran out of options and come to a dead end. Keep pushing, keep praying persevere. God will lead us to favor if we faint not!

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