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Fire Call


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Will he call on fire
Will his heart blaze desire

For God and his wife
Will he stay a dead man or cry for life

Will her final promise to file divorce
Be the last or take it’s course

Will he wake up this hour or stay asleep
Will God answer her plea for his heart and soul or will she be left to weep

Is she married or widowed to you
Depends on what realm you look through

Is she free to go or is she bound to dead weight
Will her prayers be answered or will it be too late

She’s flown countless miles from here to heaven and back again
Will God raise the dead and deliver them

Will they be made whole as one mind, one body, and one spirit
The Fire she possesses, will he call on it

Or will he watch her for the last time fly away
He knows she don’t play

His heart on fire she does pray
What will he do this day

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