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Fire of God


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

When you’ve experienced the Fire of God, you can’t settle for smoke and be satisfied!

God’s Word says I will make your words a fire in your mouth. Once you come to truth that fire only burns greater. Truth hurts, but Truth must be told, because Truth sets free.

Those who have ears will hear and call you blessed. Those who can’t hear will hate you not because of you, but Truth. They hated Christ first. But, we fear not, what man can do to me.

We can run but we can’t hide. God promises to call us on the Frontline, to take us to the other side. We will lose loved ones, he came to bring a sword. He came to give us the privilege to be forgiven and in us manifest His Word, that which, will never return void.

We will suffer great loss but to lose is to gain. We warn all the day long, preaching not in vain.

You will be put in battles, a bearer of light. You will conquer that winged dragon in the darkest of night. You will fight alone for your loved one’s very soul. They may leave you stranded, but God will never let you go.

He will help you in your time of need, keep speaking truth and intercede. They will think you are against them, but they are unaware, of the reality of Spiritual warfare.

The fire inside of you grows greater more intense, don’t back down for anything we don’t stand on the fence.

Bought at a price, sold out to Christ we come. Marching on and through for God’s will to be done. Smoke in their eyes that irritates but it is the fire that burns out infirmities.

Being made pure, it doesn’t always feel so grand. But, I testify The Lord will never leave you and hold you up by your right hand.

That fire it’s hot, and cause many to turn back, but keep pressing on, once you been burnt, you see nothing you lack.

God is for you, to bring you good. So when that fire comes keep feeding it wood. Because he is making you the perfect image of him, a love many don’t comprehend, a fire that will never dim.

Blazing flames take their course in our life and our relationships , by the four winds that catch hold of the words from our lips.

Preach it loud, whisper it soft, speak if your voice shakes and let Truth go forth. Don’t fear who you’ll offend, Truth is love that will prevail in the end.

2nd Timothy 1:6 – “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

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