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From Here to There


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Good and evil, we both now see
Two sides to look at, but one is key
Mediate on the things above
Kissed by the Spirit like a dove
Hope in the lost, faith in the found
Peace to come, love is all around
Work to be done, yet must be still
Putting off the old man, in God’s will
Disciples to be made, a rising of an army
Wearing the full armor of God daily
Feelings come and feelings go
Planting seeds of truth to grow
Sailing the seas, storms to endure
Hills to look on, mountains to move over
From here to there, they must obey
Faith brings hope to another today
By the hearing of the Word, life is given
By the blood of Jesus, we are forgiven
Fire to fill mouths, what God said
Not the tail, he made us the head
To conquer and continue in this journey
Feeding and leading sheep to safety
Our meat is to do the will of God
Nothing for Him is too hard
We are weak but He is strong
To not faint in suffering long
A reward is there waiting for us
Be patient and praise the Lord Jesus

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