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Joshua Wilson

I’m going to be very Candid Here, I’m not going to beat around the Bush, I’m going to be Honest and say what NEEDS to be said, I’m not a Republican or Democrat, I’m a Nothing. Lol. This Nation has fallen so Far, because the United States of America has Forsaken Jesus Christ, They have taken Prayer out of many Schools, they have taken God out of the Pledge of Allegiance in some Schools, and in resort, what happens?? The devil comes in, Guns, violence, etc. Where God is not present, the devil comes in like a rushing flood and causes a wave of destruction. Some Families, who aren’t praying, who aren’t deeply committed to serving Jesus Christ, have broken homes, Kids Committed to sinful lifestyles because they have no direction, they are out there On drugs, Soliciting their bodies in Sexual immortal activity, Addiction, etc, all because God is not being made a priority in the lives of these people. We look at the Government, where People are more infatuated with making Money, and setting a bar of excuses on how to deny God and the Scriptures, by endorsing sin, Promoting sin by advocating, and continuing to pound the pavement, on how Abortion is a “good” legalized Practice?? We say we want to end Terrorism, we want to save lives by stopping these Islamic terrorism groups from killing people, but…when are we going to stop?? More babies has been killed by Abortions than people who died on 9/11, more babies has been killed by Abortion, than people killed by isis, more babies has been killed since the legalization of Abortion, than Any Killings that has been orchestrated by terrorism,I’M in NO WAY condoning terrorism, but Practice what you preach America, WE are the biggest murderers in this Country, because we Say we want to stand for human lives, but YET we deny the babies the Right to live their own. I Said all this to say, Righteousness DOESN’T EXIST among a Multitude of people in America, For Sin is their Reproach, because they don’t want to admit that they need to get right with God, stop the games in this Election, our Problem is not policy, it is God has been pushed out, and America BETTER wake up! For the Blood of their own corpses is on their hands. #ENOUGH 

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