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God Delivers


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Mine husband and I have been having problems since we married. One, I am going to share about now is, his love language is physical touch. Well, mine is not even close to that, but this is how funny God is: I am an introvert, so I like a lot of alone time. That’s not that hard right? A little, he craves touch so much he said even a slap in the back of the head would make him feel loved. I laughed but he told me he was serious. So, one day without thinking where we were I slapped him in the back of the head. In the public, in a store and a child saw me. I felt just awful. So, I didn’t do that again!

The real challenge is add my body going through the change of life. Very hard! The doctor said I need to be on hormones but I declined due to the health risks. So, we suffer. My skin just doesn’t want to be touched. I’m happy, then I’m snappy. My smiles turn to frowns in record speed time, I hate it and so does he. I don’t have a problem going to be all alone but he does, so this has been a hard thing to balance especially with the unexpected no warning changes of my body having me feel extreme changes and crashes. Along with all of the other I guess you would call them symptoms. I looked up what to expect, a list of like 60+ things I might experience, I experience them all. Weeeee roller coaster weee. Not really fun, but sometimes when he remembers the ride I’m on at a time I’m smiling we have fun with it. Hah

Well today to get a change of scenery than this parking lot we park and live in, I had mine husband take me to the animal shelter to see the doggies. I love animals and usually go to the parks to see the squirrels, deer and all the other wildlife.

Wouldn’t you know it we walked out of the shelter with a doggie . God knew what we needed up in here. Now mine husband has a fury companion and they are cuddled up sleeping now and I get to do my thing. God said we need a Shepherd to lead us and his name is Raz Taz and he is 3yrs old. Mine husband told someone he is our rescue dog and Raz Taz truly rescued us. Helping us in our needs and affixing our attention on giving him commands rather than each other so much. God is that good.

And I wish you could see mine husband with his fury kid. Another side of him I get to see and the sweetest thing I have seen by far. The two are just adorable together and they grew attached to each other instantly. That’s God! A joy for my eyes and heart to see. Now I am free!!!!! Haha not really, but now there’s not as much pressure or tension between us. God filled the gap and never fails us. He directs our steps and gives us our needs this I testify and what a relief. We cried and struggled and pushed our way through some rather trying and painful times to get this blessing and the shelter didn’t even charge us the adoption fee, God’s will, his bill. He planned it and paid it all. Go God go!

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