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God of Hope, Joy, and Believing

Just Receive Him!

Joshua Wilson

Good evening brothers and sisters in the Faith, I am going to share what the Lord has spoken to me. There are so many folks professing to Be Christians, but if you talk to them…they are just as down and sad, even mad with the World, always complaining about how bad things are, never willing to smile. The Bible says in Romans 15:13 “NOW THE GOD OF HOPE FILL YOU WITH ALL JOY AND PEACE IN BELIEVING, THAT YE MAY ABOUND IN HOPE THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST”. Now Hope, is mentioned TWICE, Because if you are truly saved, you would NOT act like a person who is without hope! These folks act the way they act, for God hasn’t filled them with HIS Joy and Peace, Why?? For they have NOT truly seeked him! Everything is ONLY verbal, nothing Spiritual! Blessings from the mouth are WORTHLESS when he sees the Heart is NOT right! the heart cannot be purified unless there is a true Repentance and a surrendering of all things of the Flesh, all that are carnal for a full spiritual renovation to take place. There is a disconnect where the devil will beat you down making you question life, feel depressed and never any happiness, you are Spiritually dry and have Peace of mind! You can be sitting right in the Church, if you haven’t truly given ALL up to him, you are still satan’s prisoner, for you are Lukewarm, you have a form of Godliness but has never experienced TRUE Salvation. I come with this message, that NO MAN is truly saved, baptized by fire, unless they Receive the Holy Ghost! Like the scripture finishes up to say, you may abound in HOPE through the POWER of The Holy Ghost! Many are going 50 percent on Salvation, 50 percent in the World, (one side hot, other side cold) that’s being Lukewarm, the spiritual partiality where you want to follow some parts of the Gospel, but still hold on to your sin, the devil is a Liar!!!! If you are tired of always feeling HOPEless, always feeling down, come taste and see that the Lord is Good! Psalms 16:9 says: “THEREFORE MY HEART IS GLAD, AND MY GLORY REJOICETH: MY FLESH ALSO SHALL REST IN HOPE”. Come to Jesus with your HEART! Out of the Abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks! The heart dictates the praises! Not vice versa, once your heart is right he will give you a prudent joy, a happiness, a Hope that only he can give, a peace that you will come to know, that in your life it will show! Surrender all to Jesus! Receive he the Holy Ghost, and He WILL take care, he will take care of you. – Joshua Wilson #COMETASTEHISGLORY #GIVEYOURHEARTTOHIM #DOYOUHAVETHEHOLYGHOST #HOPELIESINJESUS

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