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God, You Said….


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

He acts like he doesn’t hear what I say
Never understands me in any way
God, where is your fire?
For you to be his burning desire
To cry for you with fear of the Lord
Burn up all the ways he talks to me with every twisted word
Words of contention, never hear, never see
Always defending himself, questioning and blaming me
Not my job to teach him and lead his way
Won’t he seek you and your fire this day
Won’t he fall on his face, cry out and desire you more
Mine ears hurt, mine heart grown sore
In his own efforts and vain glory fails us as one
When will he seek your only begotten Son
To be led by your Spirit to be a doer of your word
Won’t he put away his defending sword
Won’t he take his confusion to you
Burn it up so it stops coming to me too
Won’t he stop raising his voice and accusing me
Wont he stop provoking me to anger and let me be
Won’t he let love rule over in and through
Won’t he get that burning desire for you
Mine eyes hurt from each heavy tear
Won’t you give him eyes to see and ears to hear
Won’t you soften his heart with love, grace and compaasion
God you said today is the day of salvation
Nothing is too hard for you
God you said whatever I ask in your name you will do
I ask mine husband to live a life like Christ in humility
With understanding and gentle to lead me
I ask mine husband to seek you for wisdom and understanding
To surrender all and let your fire engulf him
Fire Fire Fire
God you said you will be his greatest desire
God you said you will put your fire in his mouth
Let this be the start of the rising of The South
To lead countless to salvation of your miraculous mercy and grace
God shine your fire through mine husband’s face
One flesh, one mind in One Spirit I pray
We are yours God, bring your fire this day

Jeremiah 5:14

Wherefore thus saith the Lord God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire,….

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