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God’s Fruit


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Respect says it’s okay you can’t answer me right away
Patience says I’ll wait for you forever and a day
Love says I will not push you to go astray

Respect says it’s okay you get quiet
Patience says here am I; a fruit of the Spirit
Love says I am that I am and you will know it

Respect says I will lead you so you can follow
Patience says even if you don’t until tomorrow
Love says I will rejoice even in sorrow

Respect says I know you are the Lord’s
Patience says no words
Love covers you in all troubles

Respect says I cherish you are different than me
Patience says I am still, trusting God faithfully
Love says I will not fail you for eternity

Respect says you are fearfully & wonderfully made
Patience says I am lowly, & don’t parade
Love says nothing is worth losing you for my soul to trade

Respect says I am not better than you
Patience rests in the Lord so you can too
Love says there’s nothing I have to do

Respect says I know I won’t always get my way
Patience says, and it’s okay
Love says I will dig deeper today

Respect says I don’t want to change who God created you to be
Patience says I take great comfort we are many members as one in Christ’s body
Love says I will never forsake you nor leave

Respect says I will not cross you in any way, shape or form
Patience says, I will trust God in pain before our breakthrough is born
Love says, I will heal and restore what has been taken and torn

Respect says I am a fruit of The Spirit; self control
Patience says I will not be moved, God keeps my soul
Love says I lift and sustain you in God’s Heavenly flow

Respect gives honor where it is due
Patience is key to tarry through
Love is faithful and true

1 Peter 4:8

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

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