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Hanging by a Hinge


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I have a testimony, a story to tell
I taste the agony of hell

Listen to all I have to say
God speaks in my pain of TMJ

The joints that hold my jaw in place
Are deteriorating and sends a pain through out my face

It’s cause is because my bones are not in alignment
They fight against each other in movement

It affects my hearing and my sight
A migraine headache, constant ringing, piercing pain in the night

A pain so severe and highly intense
A literal weeping and gnashing of teeth I experience

The slightest sounds are amplified
No peace, no quiet, no where to hide

That top bone doesn’t move is as our Lord and Savior
The bottom bone is to follow

The joint is all of our words and actions, the moves we make
To live for self or suffer for his name sake

If we aren’t in his perfect alignment
We will fall away not living in God’s every commandment

That first frustration or ache is a warning sign
We are seriously out of line

Fall to your face before the Lord in your heart
You don’t want to hear, “I never knew you, from me depart.”

There is no cure for what I now suffer
But, it keeps me in rememberance of that Last Supper

My physical body is temporary And I will get a new body

There is no cure after the Lord appears on the cloud
Better find yourself walking in all humility and not proud

Our souls will last for eternity
Will you still be found in ignorance or plead for Spiritual eyes to see

Will you ignore the warnings and believe you have time
Will you cry out for God’s heart to be mine

Will you keep taking control in all you do
Or will you cry out for the Holy Ghost to live inside you

Will you give God all control to have faith with outstanding belief
Or will you be found in eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth

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