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He Chose Me


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

One day you will fear God of how you treat me
I belong to God Almighty
Touch not his anointed, even David knew
You can try to hide but your fruit showed through
You can deny all you want
But, I’m still going to be blunt
Tell you truth and give you to the Lord
He has my back, he keeps his word
Dust off my feet and tarry on
God is to whom I belong
I give him my praise, he is worthy
God will never leave nor forsake me
He gets my time, one on one
Thank you God for your obedient Son
The Lord is my buckler and my shield
I will continue to work his field
Bring in the sheaves by faith I will continue
No wicked scheme will prevent what God will have me do
He brings me to mountains I command them to move
He brings me through the valley with nothing to prove
He allows me to be thrown in the lion’s den
I trust in the Lord, their teeth He breaks them
He allows me to be sold by my brotber
But, God is setting me up to give you grace when you suffer
Princess of all of Egypt he promised me that you can’t take
And I will get there while I suffer for his namesake
God will continue to try me in his furmace
He stands with me, I see his face
God allows the storms to rage and commands the wind
Blessings continue to rain, praises I continue to send
Rooted and grounded what can mere man do
I will praise God all the way through
With or without you there’s no stopping God Almighty
The choice is yours to not submit in all humility
The choice is yours to keep your word or break it
To obey God or quench His Spirit
Take it all, God will bless me double
I will not fall when there is trouble
Only get closer and closer to My Savior
He is the one who gives me favor
He is the one that makes me able
He is my deliverer
He is my protector
God is my portion forever
I will call you out, for accountability
To repent in remorse and all humility
And even if you refuse to accept truth to hear
Through me His word speaks and is always near
And just as Jesus, I throw over every table
That is not fit for My Righteous King
Using his holy temple for thieving
You been warned and God’s righteous anger brews
Whose latches I am not fit to loose
But, even so he has called me and set me apart
He is the sole desire of my heart
He first loved me, faithfully
He chose me
Whether I get your respect or not
God is all I want and all I got
And he is all I desire
It would be a joy to see in you his fire
It will be God to see you keep your word and not be a liar
But, I will press on and stand in faith
Nothing will move me the Lord saith
He is my strength and my power
By his blood and Spirit, I praise him this hour
He has the whole world in his hands
God is my love and truth that forever stands
I am his and he is mine every single day
This close relationship with God for you I pray

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