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How Great is Our God


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

God is so great in that we all screwed up and disobeyed him but, gives us a 2nd chance to obtain his grace, mercy and forgiveness by believing and asking forgiveness for our sins, covered by the blood and obedience of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. For dying for all of our sins, he took our punishment and paid our debt even yet while we were sinners.

Thats unconditional love. The love I hope and pray meets you were you are to desire to receive. Yes this world is corrupt but Heaven is holy And righteous and we can live eternity there with God from our undeserved Favor.

But, if we deny him and all he has done for us He will deny us and spend eternity in hell of fire and brimstone and gnashing of teeth.

It’s not what we have or lose here in this wicked world because it too will one day be abolished, temporary like our imperfect bodies, but that we gain eternal life of joy, peace, and love in incorruptible perfection forever. That is the hope and promise to those who choose to believe. That’s how great God is. He loved us first.

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