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I Pray For Hearts


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

O God, this is my supplication
I pray for hearts of compassion
Hearts of lowly, to first consider others
To live with understanding with their sisters and brothers
I pray for hearts to be of meekness
To love unconditionally and cover every weakness
I pray for hearts to live in servanthood
To use discernment in everyone’s mood
I pray for hearts to desire to be caretakers
To be all patient, blessed are the peacemakers
I pray for hearts to be soft and tender
To never have to ask but to be the lender
I pray for hearts that seek not their own
Hands to the plough and righteousness sown
I pray for hearts on fire to burn
To not look for anything in return
I pray for hearts to desire to please you
To not want and be content in all you do
I pray for hearts to store riches in heaven
To break the bread of unleaven
I pray for hearts to stay in your will
To fight the good fight of faith to be still
I pray for hearts in every relationship
To be good and faithful in true discipleship
I pray for hearts to become yours
To open many more favored doors
I pray for hearts of healing and restoration
To light a fire, a revelation
I pray for hearts to depart from evil
Kingdom builders, a holy revival
I pray for hearts in all humility
For ears to hear and eyes to see
I praise you in Jesus, Victory is won
All of this I pray, your will be done
It is so

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