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In the Face of Adversity


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

You can’t knock what you don’t see
Even when all you hear is the enemy
Separated again, because we lost our way
To honor, love and cherish each other every day
I stand and fight that good fight of faith
He kneels in prayer and God hears what he saith
Two believers of great strength
Never to give up, going the length
Even when we must separate
To get back to love and flee from hate
No doubt there are still hurts that need healed
In frustrations, doubts and negativity, all is revealed
Our vows were made and kept to each other
Even in the times we can’t live together
This is temporary and it won’t last
God is making us ready for the final trumpet blast
Weaknesses arose and we fell short
Yet, God is mighty and we both stand in his court
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life
God will restore us and keep us husband and wife
No one can say they haven’t had troubles too
And I am thankful for all ya’ll who pray us through
No troubles, no trials, no weapons formed
Can put asunder what God has joined
We still struggle to work together in harmony
The devil creeps in and touches him and me
These thoughts are not of God and we fail him
We neglect to keep on our helmet of Salvation
We let those voices reach our very heart
That’s why today we live apart
But, don’t for a minute think the devil has won
Three Cord Covenant is still one
I miss mine husband and I know he misses me too
There is nothing too hard that God can’t do
Focused on God and what He has to teach us
Die to self-daily, pick up our cross and follow Jesus
There’s a battle in everyday
We fail when we do things our own way
The flame may flicker and grow dim
But, it’s still burning from deep within
God will continue to do a work in us until complete
This covenant marriage receives no defeat

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