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Joshua Wilson

The devil has convinced some of God’s people, that the healing power, the Blessings, and the Spiritual Manna of God, has now ceased, he also has afflicted many with the spirit of Unanswered Prayers, because they have been praying over their finances, they have fasted and believed on God, but they still have not received a miracle. But Brothers and Sisters, I pray and believe tonight that the Lord will come through on your Behalf, He sees you every month, laying out your bills across the Kitchen table, you got so much going out, not enough coming in, you are looking to get a loan, but all the banks have turned you down, you look for a Co signer, but the people you thought you could trust, have turned away, but Saints, do like Jabez did, he went to God with Faith in his heart, he didn’t doubt the Power of God, he asked the Lord to bless him indeed, he wanted INCREASE over all he had, and the Lord answered and granted his Request. I want you to know, That situation that you have petitioned God for in prayer, if you have Faith, and believe in the Lord, He will see you through!

God sees the devil tormenting you, that you are going to lose your home, your car, and you are going to be living under a bridge, but the devil is a LIAR!! They that BELIEVE on him, he is a Rewarder to those who diligently seek him, don’t give up, keep on praying, keep on fasting, keep on believing, keep on seeking him till your change comes like Job did, everything around him told him to throw in the towel, but he kept the Faith, and brethren you can as well, Just put your hand in his unchanging hand, stop telling God about your Problems, tell your problems about your God! He will bring INCREASE on your behalf! Just wait on him, Weeping may endure for a Night, but JOY cometh in the Morning, Your morning is coming, a spiritual outpouring is coming to those who keep the Faith. Be Encouraged, it feels like you are in a world all alone, seems like everybody else can prosper but you, but God is in the midst of thee, Stand Strong, trouble doesn’t last always. 


God sees the devil tormenting you, that you are going to lose your home, your car, and you are going to be living under a bridge, but the devil is a LIAR!!”

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