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It’s an Honor & Privilege


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of this ministry to watch our leaders on this page particularly, grow.

Like many families we have had our disapprovals and disagreements. And, to witness them able to press through them with truth and sending truth before them to grow this ministry and family in perfect love is an amazing wonder mine eyes behold of the Spirit of our living God.

The encouragement never comes without reproof, though it’s not pleasant at the time with many tears and struggles, it does bloom a fragrance to inhale with great peace and joy.

The honor to watch and be a part of this ministry and seeing the multitudes reached in such a short time is simply beautiful and encourages me to continue writing, so I personally thank each and every one of you for joining us on this page.

We thank you for welcoming mine husband and I to share our ministry of a covenant marriage. It’s a privilege to be a small part in everyone’s time you give us in your day. God bless each and everyone of you beyond measure. We hope to hear your testimonies and things you desire to share, because when you do, you help us grow and be encouraged too.

I close in prayer for the leaders of this page and ministry.God,We thank you for our leaders sharing their experiences and testifying seeing you O God in them all, we thank you for rising them up to be your mouthpiece to preach, teach, and admonish with your living active word. Today, I lift up our leaders:

  • Lashon Bush
  • Billy Ray Parrish
  • Harold “William” Murphy
  • Joshua Wilson

Clear their mind of their thoughts daily, only let them hear what you want them to hear. Make their mind full of clarity and truth. Help them to stop their thoughts that come to clutter their mind in chaos and confusion to not be able to obtain what they need in their mind to do your will and have one mind with your sheep O Lord GOD. May they continue to submit to your Holy Spirit being a vessel for you so we all see your wonderous works to always give you thanks and praise. Continue to bless them in ways they can’t even imagine, in awe giving you glory. May we continue lifting them up in our prayers to continue to edify and reprove us leading the way in safety and confidence in you alone O God. Bless this ministry and all who join in, even those who pass by and even bless those who oppose. We know and believe your word will never return void. Keep us and your covenant with us, never forget in Jesus Holy name, it is so.

With much love,

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