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Joshua Wilson

In our Life, though we are saved, and children in the body of Christ, the devil tries to be the master illusionist and paint a situation in our minds, that is much worse than it really is. We see trouble coming our way, and immense fear comes over us, but we must rebuke those frightful spirits, and keep our eyes on Jesus. Peter learned the same Lesson in this Scripture, when Jesus said come on the Water to him, when the wind blew, and he got afraid, that is when he began to sink, because he took his EYES, his MIND off Jesus, and when you do that, your Faith disappears.

He realized he was in trouble, so he cried out for the Lord to save him, and he pulled him up. Saints, when the Wind is boisterous in your life, and those spiritual hurricane winds are overtaking you, Don’t be Afraid, but Put your Trust in God! Like the parable of the wise and the foolish builder, the wise built his house on a Rock, so when the storm beat upon his house, it wouldn’t fall, the foolish built his house on sand, and when the storm came it washed his house away. FAITH is the Rock, because when the enemy comes in like a flood, And the storm is raging, God will be your Foundation, your strong tower, that you may be hit hard with the troubles, cares of this life, but if we Trust in HIM, he will be our Keeper, in the midst of the weary land.

So if you see trouble surrounding you all about, and you feel discouraged, cry out like Peter did, and say, LORD, SAVE ME!! I can’t handle this, I can’t make it this way on my own, be my shelter during this storm, take me up out of this spiritual grave, and make the enemy behave! Place my feet on the strait path with you by my side, so I can therefore run on, and see what the End is going to be. Brothers, Sisters continue to press on, for the trying of our Faith worketh Patience, I know it seems dark, I’m a witness, I say this message to encourage myself as well, stand STILL, keep the Faith, he will bring us out, without a doubt. Thanks be to God for giving us the Victory. 🙏🙌👑⛪🚩➕ 


….cry out like Peter did, and say, LORD, SAVE ME!!”

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