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Last will be First


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I wake up to no heat, it’s cold and raining
The gas ran out and the roof is leaking
I try to raise the roof on the camper for the water to drain away
It won’t move, God give me a pure heart today
Already roughing it with no electricity
Don’t let me sin in anger how people take things for granted living ungratefully
Knowing someone has it worse off than me
Let me not become that people without eyes to see
Help me get my mind set in a right attitude
To see what I do have and ask you to bless it to give to the multitude
Truly time and chance happen to us all
Keep lighting my path for my feet not to fall
I been here before, actually has less than this
Homeless on the streets from Queens to Houston cities
Maybe I got soft, fell in the trap of comfort and luxury
Keep mine heart willing and contrite to bring you glory
I have cover and I am dry atleast
Shut the voices of discomfort, trample the beast
I have blankets and a candle I burn
That takes the sting off the cold to help keep me warm
I have the world at my fingertips with the internet
To share the gospel, engage faith to not fret
To see all the things you allow to happen to us
To endure only a sliver of the suffering of Jesus
All the power he had, yet he gave it up
To die for our sins, he drank the cup
He didn’t just die, he was ignored and mocked
He was falsely accused and painfully afflicted
And yet, now here am I and what do I do?
I start to feel discomfort and take mine eyes off of you
But, you remind me not to
With remembrance of what your word does tell
The day is already stepped a foot in where no man will be able to buy or sell
And when the other foot steps completely in
There will be even more painful affliction
How soon to not forget, you forget me not
That I am saved no matter what, I am blood bought
Comfort isnt worth losing my soul
I’ll keep my birthright and not sell it for stew in a bowl
Suffer we shall, afflicted we will be
This world is corrupt but you God are holy
Everything is temporary and soon will pass
Comfort of your word is enough, the last will be first and the first will be last
I will praise you still even if my hands and feet are frozen
Many are called and few are chosen

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