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Leader Challenge


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy


I challenged my devoted and beloved brothers in Christ, the writers and the speakers to share an article, record a video in regards to the role of a wife and or women. I was encouraged to join in the challenge from a woman’s perspective. So, our next following posts will be subject based on the role and purpose of a woman.

Let’s be courageous and teach truth. Many women including myself cry for a God fearing man to lead us, but how many of us women are being encouraged and taught the truth of what God said.

Fire, Fire, Fire we all need to hear the truth. This isn’t a competition this is a calling of God’s Army. I go before the three of you and blow the shofar giving God praise and glory for you being a mouthpiece for God of truth for you to be led by the Spirit of God and light a fire in us women and guide us as shepherds into truth. We need bold and courageous confidence in the LORD. It may sting, it may hurt but we women are starving for truth. What God Said?

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