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Life’s Journey and Trials

Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

Near 48 years old, experienced more than I wanted to. Some mine own disobedience unto Yahuah, even so His will be done. I don’t know what you struggle with nor suffer, but I know and I know Yahuah always keeps his word and will save if that we turn from our wicked ways and seek him and his ways. Many of you that have friended me, are younger than mine children.

Now is not a time to been desiring what you ache for but to desire the one who aches for you to return to him. Your Creator is the only one who can love you and care for you the way you need to, no person ever never ever can love you enough. Please, I pray you ask him to take your life in a way to desire his way and will for your life. He cares so deeply for you, you will never be able to wrap your mind around, His love is out of this world. I know we are still in these wretched bodies of flesh, but I plead with you is gaining what your flesh desires worth losing your own soul…

In an eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth, desiring to die but not able? Look, if anyone has heard of or research please. I have suffered TMJ, Is where your joints in your jaw are desentigrating it was pure living hell and cried for someone to kill me now. But, Yahuah he healed me enough to be able to be without such excruciating pain and able to listen to music (what I love) again! This is how I able to live and enjoy life to the fullest. By Yahuah alone. To say I haven’t experienced a taste of hell is an understatement. Get right with your maker please before is too late. SHALOM ❤️🔥🕊️ 

Sis Kristine

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