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Jonelle Maxwell

What happens when love shows up? Many times we do not know what to do. We tend to sing, talk, and have worldwide discussions about how we view love.

But is that the way love is suppose to be expressed?

Understand, love is to be demonstrated not talked about. It is much easier in our flesh to talk than to act it out because it is a suffering of our flesh. The scripture teaches us that love suffer long. We are to suffer long with our sisters and brothers in Christ.

This kind of love I am talking about is the God kind of love.
The word of God clearly states, For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son. John 3:16 Also, this kind of love can only be viewed properly through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, which is the first Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Love gives. True love is not stingy. True love is not one sided, but a continual giver. How many times have we traveled in life being the one always giving. Not just in giving of things, but support? How about times you may have demonstrated love and did not receive back what you gave out? These are things we all have experienced in life and truth be told, there will be times we will experience it again. Understand

This is where we must guard our heart. I believe God want us to have a discerning heart and use wisdom when we do express love in any kind of way. God want us to protect that which He have given us. Love is a gift and it should be distributed accordingly with wisdom. Love is the expressed image of Christ.

So again, I ask, when Love shows up, do we know what to do with it? Can we recognize it?

Years ago, Love showed up in my apartment. Love saved me when I was lost and had nowhere to turn. Love suffered long in the midst of my nasty, stubborn attitude. But, that same love also healed and delivered me. Also, the same love God demonstrated in sending His Son is the same love He want to flow through us.

What do you think?

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