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Love Remained


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I testify God answers prayers
God is love and He truly cares

The hardest part is the wait
But, I testify He is never late

Even if we wander off and fall of a cliff
He comes swooping down on his wings he will lift

Stretching us beyond our own ability
To have to call on him “help me and guide me”

To need him like never before
Every hour knees hitting the floor

A groan and plea like no other
In the fiercest of destructive weather

With a hope and faith rooted deep enough
To get through the most painful stuff

The comfort that comes
Faith that grew sums

The wisdom gained
To see love remained

Glory to God Most high
He answers his children’s cry

**If anyone is in need of prayer comment or message us, one of us will be honored to pray with you spoken or unspoken. You don’t have to pray it alone, where two or more are gathered in his name…

Answered prayers may not be answered the way we hope, but they will never leave you the same. Whatever you are going through God is allowing to bring you to a greater good, if that you believe.

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