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Love That Grand


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I was at the end of another failed relationship driving down the highway

Just drive into that tree, I heard the enemy say

I turned to look over at that big ole tree and laughed sarcastily

Saying yeah that will make everything better huh

I tried to move over into the lane away from the trees without much thought

My steering wheel wouldn’t move I said what!

I tried to steer it back and forth harder and harder

The thing wouldn’t budge and my realization God was there I fell asunder

I balled and cried knowing his control was much greater

And to think I wasn’t even considering driving into that tree

That the situation was much more serious that I needed God’s presence for the enemy to flee

I looked up and saw I was still driving down the highway

I pulled over immediately with out of my mouth only praises I could say

Give God the glory I am here to testify this today!

God is so great you ain’t even gotta think to call on his protection

He is love that grand with exceedingly overwhelming affection

Just when you’re not even thinking about him

He shows up out of nowhere and pours more love in

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