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Meds or No Meds

My Testimony


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

I’m back in this to encourage, I have imbalances that cause anxiety attacks, sometimes quite severe, that you feel death kiss you on the lips. And your body gets so tired, it no longer cares either way, heal mine body or let it die, no control over what the body does. And, it has grown me that much closer to God over my 46 years of living with this weakness of my body. But, it is well with my soul and that’s what matters. Now with my body losing essential hormones, going through perimenopause over 5Yrs or more, even more so does mine body suffer. But, I have been on both sides of taking medicine and prayer alone. I know the pains and damage anxiety can do not only to myself but others around me. In taking meds, it was but a tool like money, and temporarily to get my body under control, until my body got the rest it needed to strengthen and go on and continue the fight. It all depends on who you depend on most, and even in depending on God alone, he does encourage helps until we get our faith strong enough to endure even much more. This is the worst of anxiety I have ever had to deal in my life now with TMJ, excruciating pain, a literal taste of weeping and gnashing of teeth, hell is real folks and it’s not for the lack of mine faith but what mine body no longer produces enough of. But, by determination, faith that has grown and God alone I don’t take hormones nor meds for anxiety. And yes, those around me suffer my suffering. But, that if my body gets out of control, it is my responsibility to get the help it needs to get it under control again. And when those times happen, it is pure humility to receive such help. But am not that prideful to turn it down. I relate meds to money, it’s a cause of the root of all evil but it is not the root, the root is the Spirit which dwells inside, that pride of life, the lust of the flesh or the lust of the eyes. You better know your maker and your maker know you, you need to know your vessel to care for it properly. Search ME O God and see if there is any wicked way in me.

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