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Jonelle Maxwell

This is a very sensitive, yet a necessary discussion. I share this from my personal page because I believe God is calling us to restore in all areas, not just a few. May the Lord continue to cover us all, including our men.

Over the years, more so now, the discussion concerning men suffering abuse have gotten under the skin of many women. Some women do not and have not engaged in the discussion. Neither do many have a desire to see men restored after abuse. Also, unfortunately, many women do not believe men can even suffer abuse.

For years, society has caused us to believe women are the only ones that suffer abuse. While the men suffer in silence and shame. If we go back in history, during slavery, men was sodomized by men in front of their families. If we look at it now, men are sodomized in the prisons. Also some are sexually abuse by family members and unfortunately by leaders of the clothe. Either way, men suffer abuse. In many cases, they go from being the victim to becoming the attacker. Even becoming the attacker, they too need forgiveness and restoration.

Many men go throughout their lives carrying the shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and never receiving restoration. But have found ways to cope with what happened to them. They work great jobs, have degrees, pastoring ministries, raising their children, married, well known around the world, etc. Yet, they’ve been scarred and the abuse remain undetected.

In this hour, more than ever, my heart is strongly towards seeing our brothers (no matter the race or culture) restored. God want to restore our men. God want them to be whole. As women, we must come to the place that it’s not all about our freedom, but theirs too.

When discussing abuse, this is not just physical abuse. But, psychological, mental, verbal, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse. Many times women (in my experience) have torn down men with their words. Because of this, good women have been torn down due to of the results of another woman. And, vice versa. Some have suffered suicide and swayed to homosexual lifestyles and/or tendencies. Somewhere, we must draw the line somewhere when dealing with abuse not only from a clinical perspective but from a Kingdom perspective as well. As I have mentioned on my FB Lives about abuse, some are not called nor equipped to handle these areas due to the sensitivity of the matter. But we all are called to pray. Again, yes women have and are suffering abuse. However, we need to take the blinders off and see the full scope that men suffer too.




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