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Must Keep Testifying


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

You can’t tell me Yahuah doesn’t provide and protect! 19 days ago, I was told by someone who claimed to love me to start walking on foot in the dark in the hollar where there’s coyotes, wild boar and Yahuah knows what else. Turned down by homeless shelters because I don’t need drug rehab nor from their city to today being handed a car at no cost to me. Only because that person said they were led to just give it to me. I have testified for decades, do what is right, hold your peace, trust and obey

Yahuah and you ain’t gotta beg, plead, nor do a single thing! Yahuah knows our needs and desires and when we wait joyfully they will be given unto us one by one. I called to put insurance on it today, and the representative tried to sell me renter or home owner insurance too. I said, dude all my belongings fit in a backpack. But, Yahuah blessed me with a car! Yahuah’s will, His bill! Wait I say on Yahuah! And while we wait we worship him, and when he pours out blessing, better testify!!!!! Let it Rain 🔥🔥🔥 blessed with earning mine keep “Delightful Servant” for a roof over mine head, play with, care for and help teach 3 babies and a vehicle to boot! Praise Yahuah!!!!! Even before it is seen! You Better Praise him! Life of eternity is more than enough, but then favor. 🔥🕊️ woosh, to Yahuah be the glory! Because he loved us first!

Give Your Witness!!

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