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Never To Return


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

The false accusations made me confident in who I am
For me, God put in that bush a ram
The name calling made me closer to God
Knowing he comforts me with his staff and his rod
Yeah, I slipped and the bait I took
Yet, the Lord held my hand, he never forsook
The disgruntle and negativity made the Lord come near
His voice of affirmations whisper in my ear
Protecting me from the weapons that formed, my cover
God never allowed them to prosper
Even being pushed past all I could bear
God allowed it and took me there
To show me his love for me is greater than anyone can
Into His arms wide open, I immediately ran
The tears made me the salt of the earth
Preserving my soul since birth
The hurt made me the light of the world
Speaking even louder God’s Word
All the forces, principalities and wickedness had done
Was push me even closer to God and His Kingdom
Not of this world, never to return
My heart’s desire continues to burn
Things look bad, like nothing will improve
My faith is great, the Lord is my Rock, I will not move
It doesn’t matter what my eyes may see
The Lord is My Savior; Who first loved me
Confirming I am his daughter for eternity
With or without you, with the Lord I will always be

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