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No Excuses


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

You want to be trusted but dont keep your word
You flatter with the tongue, thinking you can afford
To make promises you aren’t willing to keep
Hide behind lies you pile in a heap
That every one around you can smell
And expect them to believe everything you tell
Believing your many excuses will keep you out of hell
But, God said for all liars, it won’t go well
He even says let your yea be yea
And your nay be nay
Anything else is counted as evil
But yet you keep digging with your shovel
You are gonna find yourself buried and hopeless
Less you change your ways in repentance
Your words won’t save you in the end
And you will be carried far away by the wind
God don’t lie and his character is true
Only by being filled with His Spirit, can you be too
Before he makes every knee bow,
I encourage you to do so right now
Liars won’t go to heaven, God said
Pray for him to live inside your heart and head
This is a serious matter that will keep you alive or find yourself dead
You may still not even care
But, you have been made aware
Seek the LORD while he may still be found
Cry out to Jesus fall to the ground
This is holy land that you take for granted
Fear of the LORD in all you have been handed
He gives you breath to speak truthful
No excuses, By His Spirit you are able

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