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Psalm 19:1 – Reflections

How often do we stop, look up, and see God’s glory all around us?


Abel Hernandez

Many of us don’t realize that most of the time we walk around looking at the ground or at our phones. Life hits us hard, stresses us out, and cause us to become frustrated individuals. In our frustration or despair, it’s easy to forget that God is with us at all times. It’s easy to ask all the “Why Me” questions and start the endless cycle of anxiety in our minds. This creates a victimhood mentality and prevents us from being who God created us to be.

So, what can we do when we start feeling the weight of today’s world all around us? Look up, see God, and breathe.
I was out for a walk a couple of days ago because I was in my own head. Things were getting more frustrating by the day. I felt I was losing myself. When certain stressful situations would arise, I’d react instead of responding kindly in love. That’s what anxiety, stress, fear, and anger do. It causes us to become reactive instead of responsive. When we react, we say things we later regret. We hurt ourselves and others around us. Most importantly we aren’t living in God’s presence. Even though He is around us always, we almost put Him at a distance when we react all the time.

While out on my walk, I caught myself looking up and being awed by His glory. It’s all around us. You can smell the fresh air that we take for granted. You see the beauty in the tree tops, clouds, and the animals. God makes it pretty easy for us to see His majesty.

As I reflected on this truth, I was able to simply breath. I took a few long breaths and felt at peace for a moment. It was in this time of peace that I was reminded that no matter how hard life gets, He is still there with us and will give us rest.

Do I want all this chaos to be over? Of course, I do. But maybe God wants to point us back to Him. Maybe He wants us to remember that His calling is for eternity. Maybe we need to remember that He is still in control and in middle of all the chaos, He can still give us little moments of peace. Just enough to remember who our source of strength is to continue the good fight.

Brothers and sisters. If you can, get out and walk. Take your time. Breath and see that God’s glory is all around us. Find peace in that and continue to fight the good fight. May we all be strengthen today and forever. God Bless!

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