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Ready or Not, Here I Come!


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

She’s not perfect, she has shortcomings too
But, if you lead her with truth & patience she will follow you
She’s an encourager & needs time alone
But, if you lie to her, you are on your own
She is the weaker vessel, not to be taken advantage of
But, to humble yourself & cover her with unfailing love
Her standards are high & in the LORD
She expects you to be a doer of the Word
She walks in truth & expects the same in return
But, if you try to hide, your cover will be torn
She always has the truth shown to her & no one hears this cry
But, you argue, blame & deny
She has confidence & faith to abound
But, if you treat her poorly by God you will be found
She is hopeful & positive yet silences much
But, if you’re always accusing her, she knows you use her as a crutch
She’s not stupid, & insane like you claim
But, you keep on in your word twisting, blame game
She puts up with your frustrations, spewing negativity & anger
Yet, instead of protect, you fight her
She is knowledgeable with understanding
But, if you discredit her constantly, division you bring
She submits but is also a unique individual
Lead her, God expects of you but not to control
She doesn’t need you to degrade & demand her
But, you lose sight & step out of order
She needs a man to lead her God’s way
But, pride & fear come out in all you do & say
She knows her worth in Christ even when she is provoked to anger
Though her heart & flesh fail, she knows the Lord will never leave nor forsake her
She tires, though she is not yet dead
But, you still allow in serpents and scorpions for her to tread
She wasn’t designed to be head of household
But, you were designed to be the spiritual leader, faithfully bold
She will still pray for those who do her wrongfully
But, trust is severed from those with no remorse & continually lack integrity
She calls on God’s angels & He brings in myriads, a great army
But, you still refuse to break, to live in all humility
She will not fail, God is within her
But, you don’t want to see God’s wrath in His righteous anger
She has God’s promises and He don’t lie
But, God will remove you & you’ll miss out, if to self you don’t die
She is your favor, God said “trust me”
But, it’s not her you abuse, but God Almighty
She knows her tears are collected in God’s bottle in heaven
But, it’s God your are disrespecting

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