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Rush Your Living Water


Kristine Cucinotta Murphy

God, we need balance up in this house
Mine husband is hyper and talkative and I get still and quiet as a mouse
I don’t know who does more or who does less
I just know when one of us doesn’t get what we need, we lose sight of holiness
I’m sure we can both plead our case and be right
But, it doesn’t matter if we aren’t pleasing in your sight
Touch both of our hearts O God please
Make us both submit to you in our hearts and on our knees
We are so different in more than one aspect
But, let there be honor and respect
I don’t know how we can get things to be smooth
I cry out to you God to move
We have tried many things, code words and ways to agree
But, what lacks the most is humility
And not seeking to obey you above all
God tear down our retaining wall
That keeps us from being moved
By your Holy Spirit to be reproved
Rush your living water over us, a continuous wave
Get us in order to have confidence in you to appropriately behave
And like those jagged rocks peaking out of the creek
They have no choice but to be reshaped, to be made soft and meek

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